Red Crow Burning North Sky Record Review by Ian Dearden

Red Crow – Burning North Sky

Review by Ian Dearden Súnas bandmates Sarah Calderwood and Paul Brandon (life and musical partners) have joined forces with Mirko Ruckels (Pretty Violet Stain) and Markus Karlsen (The Company) to form Red Crow, a band that inhabits the interstices…
Sadie Jay A passing of seasons record review

Sadie & Jay – A Passing Of Seasons

Review by Ian Dearden The soundtrack to my journeys by car, plane and foot over the past few weeks has been the third album by the wonderful Brisbane-based duo Sadie & Jay. Recorded at Parklands Studio by the magical Michael Fix, this…
Liz Frencham Love & Other Crimes record review by Ian Dearden

Liz Frencham – Love & Other Crimes

Savouring a new Liz Frencham album is like devouring a box of artisan chocolates. One part of you wants to make each chocolate last a week – the other part of you just wants to scoff the entire box in a single sitting. And so it is with this album – one part of me wants to play each one of the tracks on repeat so I can savour and devour each tiny detail for a week. The other part of me just can’t wait to hear each new track, to dive into the narrative and musical arc of this gorgeous masterpiece, and hear it as one stunning, panoramic whole that entirely captures and envelopes me.
Lizzie Flynn record review by Ian Dearden

Lizzie Flynn – You And The Open Sky

Record Review by Ian Dearden You And The Open Sky, the third solo album by Brisbane songstress Lizzie Flynn, is jam packed full of songs that creep quietly into your heart, and then just stay there!! Privileging quality over quantity, the…